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Video shooting is a concept that has been around for a while. Cinematography as we know it today won’t exist if not for the evolution of video shooting and image capturing. The practice of video shooting has become ubiquitous today and quite a lot of people have begun highly profitable and lucrative business ventures through it. Pictures and videos are taken for different purposes; weddings and other occasions, projects and assignments, movies and documentaries, etc.


However, the defining factor when it comes to video shooting is the quality and sharpness of the video. This is where a lot of videographers fall short. Everyone wants nothing short of the very best in video quality when doing business with videographers and only those who are able to provide that achieve real success. A video can be termed when it mixes perfectly recorded and mastered sound with sharp images and motion pictures.​

Talk about your team and what services you provide. Tell your visitors the story of how you came up with the idea for your business and what makes you different from your competitors. Make your company stand out and show your visitors who you are.On the part of patrons, it has become quite a difficult task to find someone who produces videos with the best quality. This is an area where we thrive immensely.

Media Capture is a videography and video shooting service. We are able to take charge of your video coverage for any event or any other purpose which you need video footage for. At Media Capture, we have the very best videographers who are able to create a wide variety of shots, ranging from futuristic and sci-fi themed to classic and throwbacks. Coupled with state of the art technology, these videographers are able to bring an extra layer of life and out-of-the-box thinking to any picture or video concept that you have in mind.



At Media Capture, we cover a very wide range of services, including, but not limited to:


For companies who employ video advertising techniques, the task of making an entertaining and simultaneously informative ad means that the video quality of your ad must be of the highest quality. We can adequately help as cinematographers in this capacity and help companies with shooting attractive and captivating videos.


Online and social media marketing seem to be all the rage right now. Beyond pictures, GIFs and funny memes, videos are also used when the message to be conveyed can’t be done in seconds. In order to make your videos attractive and make your viewers want to spend their time (and data) on watching your video ad, the video ad in question has to be captivating and catchy. With our expertise in advertising and cinematography,

General Multimedia Services

With our multimedia solutions, we cover aspects such as; job interview presentations, interactive presentations (for lectures, classes, etc), professional video productions (for movies and documentaries), voice over initializations, event archiving, content localization, exhibition kits, product walkthroughs and overviews, and many more.

platform installation

Setting up your platform.
We develop your customized CRM,no code is essential.
Quick and easy implementation,it will evolve according to your needs


Animation is a pretty tricky aspect of cinematography. For animations, we cover all areas, most notably: 2D animations, 3D animations, 3D modeling, cartoons, voice overs, flash animations, logo animations, special effects, 3D architectural modelings and exhibitions, product simulations and animations, industrial walkthroughs and simulations etc.

Internet Solutions

For companies who are just venturing into the online atmosphere ad who will like to launch an effective online presence, we can assist with web design and development, live streaming and coverage of events, website maintenance, SEO and targeted ads, mobile website designs, web hosting, and many more.

Printing and Branding

We can help with logo designs, brochures, letterheads, templates, fliers, banners, etc. Our skills here are highly versatile and we’ll make sure that your company identity is unique and not just some knock off of that of a rival company.

Our services



The stages of producing a video actually vary, depending on some of the video’s characteristics. Some of them are.


Purpose of the video (is it an ad, a web content, a class presentation, a full blown movie, etc ) The content of the video, among others. There are also some factors, including the duration of the video, the effort, money and all other kinds of investments that are being poured into the production of this video, that will determine the processes involved in creating it. Before a video is processed and shooting can begin, a few things actually have to be in order. The entire production phase works in three phases.


This is essentially another technical aspect of the entire video production process. In the post-production phase, the entire edited copy of the original video is compiled and run together. The best videos of every scene are put together and the wheat is separated from the chaff. Everything that was imagined in the pre-production phase is implemented here, although most times, it’s not always in the exact format that was imaged- some irreversible variations are bound to surface. The post-production stage is an assembling stage where you put together the media assets of the movie and after you’re finished, you have your completed video project.

Pre-Production Phase

This stage basically covers all the planning, logistics, research and other fact-finding and organizational operations that will be done before cameras start rolling. This phase includes :

Discovering and establishing the concept of the video

Funding and financial backing

Scripts and parts


Personnel and crew

Budget and expenditure coverage

Facilities and equipment, etc...

Production Phase

As the name goes, cameras begin rolling here and this is where everyone has to bring their A-game. This is the phase where the:

Graphics and images



Special effects

Camera maneuvering


Video footage

Actual acting

Narration and storyline progression, etc are done.

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Our services are always available to our clients and we do our very best to give them the best value for your money. It won’t be advantageous to double check your thought to do business with us. In the end, you’ll benefit greatly from partnership with us. If our services have caught your fancy, please waste no time. Contact us and let’s begin discussion.

Media Capture

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